Design your life around your dreams (2 min read)

20150724190206-success-focus-life-achievements.jpegSuccess is something everyone dreams of. In my mind, success was invitations to black-tie events, first-class travel to exotic destinations, and a second home in the mountains.

While those things were true for many of my colleagues, their “success” also looked like 60-hour workweeks, vacation days that were never taken, and midnight email exchanges.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not a life I want to work toward.

After years of watching my clients chase this stressful version of success, I’ve developed my own vision for success. My success? It involves having laugh with my friends and colleagues, time to do the work I love, and a few key people who help make it all possible. If that sounds more like success to you, here are five steps you can take to create your own happy, healthy version:

  • Imagine and plan your perfect day. Wake up and do what you love, what makes you happy.
  • Make a list of things which are currently the part of your life but not part of your perfect day.
  • Think about how you can remove those things.
  • Everyone once in a while remind yourself the personal version of your success.
  • Make a habit of your success. May be its outside of society’s version but do it anyway.



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