Forget Ads! Use Innovation instead (1 min read )


Who needs Ads when you have this Innovative mind to create something big, something new and something revolutionary. Well Innovation is the ability to convert ideas into invoices. Yes, you heard it right. INVOICES. Simply speaking money can be created using this ability. But how innovation can be used to create a whole lot of money?

Technology and Internet continue to lead innovation on various fronts and valuations based on unique visitors are skyrocketing. The internet space continues to be wide open for the sites that help people transact, upload, share, save and experience. At times, simple human experience of uploading picture of various events becomes such a big business. Don’t forget that telling you this through this medium is also an Innovation.

Best Innovations are the ones that are the simplest. Let’s take an example of Facebook. We all know about Facebook. I have an account on Facebook since 2004. What Facebook does is to provide a medium through which people can socially connect and communicate. Who though that this simple idea can turn into a Multi billion dollar company.

Innovations can be used for whole lot of purposes. It can be related to anything, from making profit to socially help people. Its up to you to  combine your innovation ideas with hard work to be successful and of course to make money.


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