Power Of The Master Mind


Power is essential for success in the accumulation of money. So what is Power? How it is used to gain desire? Well Power may be defined as ‘organised and intelligently directed knowledge. As i said the power is required to accumulate money, in the same way it is also necessary for the retention of money after it has been accumulated. Now the question is how could we gain this POWER. So a focused mind can do so in following way.

Steps to gain power:

  • Through Infinite Intelligence.
  • Accumulated Experience
  • Experiment and Research


‘Master Mind’ can be considered as ‘coordination of knowledge and effort, in  spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. No individual may have a great power without availing him or herself of the Master Mind. So the bottom line is you have to combine power with master mind to achieve the desired riches.


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