Working HARD Is Not Good Enough ?


Well today i am gonna talk about something which we always wonder, HARD WORK. Whether it pays off or not? What are the factors we miss while we try to work so hard? Why sometimes our hard work doesn’t pays off? Only Working hard is good enough or you have to do some additional work to gain your desire and of courses your long awaited Riches?

A lot of factors you understand before you Work Hard for something you desire. These factors not only help you to give a proper direction to your Hard Work but they will make it somehow interesting.

Factors to consider while working hard :

  • Common sense plays a very important role in every aspect of life. It is all about applying simple rationality in the given current social, business, or economic context. Use your common sense while working hard to give it a definite direction.
  • Intuition is somewhat considered as sixth sense. Intuition is seeing with the soul, a sense of immediate cognition.Intuition works when tactics fail. Use your cognitive ability while hard working to make it more efficient.
  • Know your strengths and work accordingly. Working in something you have proper understanding of, makes your work a step closure to success.
  • Faith is the pillar of your hard work. You must have faith in what you are doing. If you don’t have faith in what you are doing, then in the end your hard work will turn futile.

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