‘How to Get Rich’ A Book with Cheesy Title but Extreme Value


‘How to Get Rich’ is a book written by Mr. Felix Dennis in 2006. Basically this is the book which explains how he became multi-millionaire in the first place. I read this book some time ago and still have it as a permanent addition to my bookshelf.

I especially recall two points from the book that I want to share with other readers.

Dennis was broke and unemployed and ended up becoming a successful self-made millionaire. His book is the fascinating and hopeful story of how he did it, through TAKING ACTION, rather than just dreaming and talking.

The other really useful thing is that he discusses how and why one passes through the stage of reckless hedonistic living with lots of cash. He says that it happens to most people, but he advises that a lot of mistakes get made at this juncture in one’s life, and that one should endeavor to get through this stage and back on track as soon as possible, and take care to not get permanently stuck there.

This book is an excellent read and contains great entertaining narrative, honest relation of previous mistakes and folly, and a great summation of the wisdom acquired on the journey to benefit readers. A must read book for everyone who seeks a way to change his life. It provides a good value to its readers.


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