Power of a Mentor To Gain Riches (3 min read)


When life holds you back, you have two options- Give up or Fight Hard. Most people gives up under pressure. But some people fights up their way to success. They are the people who set examples for others. They are the people who becomes someone’s ‘Mentor’ at sometime of someone’s life. Selecting a mentor can be one of life’s most important decisions. Because when we choose mentor, we follow their footsteps, we become like them or we try to be like them.

Mentoring takes many different forms, ranging from the formal arrangement between a student and adviser in graduate school to informal relationships people develop throughout their careers. Mid-career mentoring is often informal and starts somewhat spontaneously, There is a saying, “You may meet someone, have a conversation and suddenly realize you’d like to be like this person,”. He says. “If this person shows a genuine interest in you, that is an ideal way for mentoring to begin.”

Why Need A Mentor?

Achieve your Potential

We can only self-teach so much! A solid mentor or teacher can provide us with information we need to send us on the right track faster. In order to grow and achieve our potential, we need help from experts we trust, admire and respect. It might be a mentor, a coach, paid or unpaid, or someone we look up to who has the experience and passion to help us improve.

Don’t Stand Still or move Backwards

Knowledge lasts a lifetime and gives you the tools today to be better from now onwards. People who don’t learn tend to stand still and only have knowledge and experience from their past. Information from the past also poses the risk of becoming out-dated so arguably these people are in fact moving backwards. So having a mentor only helps to keep focus and motivated to move forward.



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