Writing Gives You Power, You Never Felt Before.


I have come across many people who write on daily basis. They write in their blog, the news articles, some thesis. But what they lack is the focused content. They just write vaguely. They don’t convey any purpose through writing. Writing just for the sake of writing is futile. Although writing on daily basis on some particular idea can really make a difference in the world.

As far as i am concerned, writing helps me a lot. The practice of writing daily turned me into a writer. But, the habit of writing also shaped far more than my ability to create meaningful sentences and that’s the reason I believe that everyone in business must write.

Writing to express my thoughts transformed everything about how I approached business and trained me to view the world and my place in it in a completely different way.

Below are four benefits I attribute to the fact that I write on a daily basis.

Writing makes me a better thinker –  In an effort to create content that is sufficient, reveals new ways to look at common things, or apply simple solutions to seemingly complex problems, I believe I now think about business much differently.

Writing makes me a better listener – When I engage in conversations or listen to telephonic interviews, I listen with a writer’s ear and often find my head filling up with ideas for blog posts by simply listening to others discuss sometimes unrelated subjects.

Writing makes me a better speaker – This one falls nicely from the previous point, but I’ll also add that working through blog posts on meatier topics, those that readers weigh in on, has produced some of my best presentation material to date.

Writing keeps me focused on learning – The discipline required to create even somewhat interesting content in the manner I’ve chosen requires that I study lots of what’s hot, what’s new, what’s being said and what’s not being said in order to find ways to apply it to the world of small business.

So, think you don’t have the time or the reason to write? – I hope you think again.



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