Blogging Needs Something You Need To Understand … ?


When it comes to blogging, every blogger wants to be viewed by his/her audience. Blogging gives freedom to a person, to write about something he is passionate about. You don’t need any degrees to write blogs, but what you need to know for successful blogging are some secrets, or tricks if you would, which helps you to get most of your blogs read by your audience.

Secret No. 1

How Your Blog Looks

The look of your blogging page matters a lot. Of course content is very important, but one should not ignore the value of looks. If your blog has a homemade or free theme and you’re wondering why it’s not growing as quickly as you’d like, consider upgrading to a professional design. The success of your blog depends on how it appears to your audience.

Secret No. 2

Know What Your Readers Want To Do

Literally – do this for every post you write. Do you want them to leave a comment? Do you want them to check out an Email id? Click on an ad? Read another article?

If you give them too many choices, they will get overwhelmed and pick something randomly or more likely, click away. Make it easy for them.

Guide your reader to your chosen action by using:

  • links
  • calls to action
  • graphics
  • questions


Secret No. 3

Use Graphics And Images

Usually readers got bored when they scroll down only text. Even I could get bored if i have to read a lot of text without any graphics.

A good graphic at the top of your post is a must for Pinterest. But did you know that graphics used within your post will slow people down and keep them reading?

My posts that contain multiple graphics have a longer average time on page than the ones with just one graphic. You want to draw your reader in and get them to stay a while and graphics help out tremendously with this goal.

Secret No.4

Don’t Forget Your Audience

It’s the most important thing for a blogger. When you write a post, it must be centered around your audience.  If you continually show them what’s in it for them, they will keep reading. Lose that focus and you’ll lose their attention.

After I’ve written a post, I usually read through it to make sure I’m not blabbering on about myself. I want my words to be useful / helpful / interesting to the reader. This read-through often results in a lot of deleting, but my work is better for it





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