Can Happiness Be Achieved ? (Half Min Read)


Who doesn’t want to be happy? I am sure no one is here could say that,’I don’t want to be happy’. Sure everyone wants to be happy. That’s the main reason to all your hard work, your sacrifices in life. But Can happiness be achieved?

Of Course it can be achievable. Happiness is no diamond, for what you have to work very hard. But you have to do a little to be happy. Experiencing true happiness is a matter of changing your life, being grateful, being kind, smiling, and living a life you love. Wake up each day with a smile on your face, clear your mind of any negative thoughts, and make it a point to practice these steps so you can achieve a true sense of happiness.

Some Simple ways to be Happy:

  • Ignore the Opinion of others

  • Know your Worth

  • Let go of anger

  • Live in the moment

  • Be Honest

  • Keep Smiling works always

  • Never try to be like others. Be Yourself.


5 thoughts on “Can Happiness Be Achieved ? (Half Min Read)

  1. I like your posts but let me ask you a question on this one … I am a very good person I help others I go out my way to try and forgive bad people in life but I find letting go of bad peoples actions has left me feeling like I have no trust in anyone my self esteem has gone I don’t no my worth any more so how would I get back to normality and become a happy person again .. these people surround me so there is no don’t worry I will get over it I have to see these people every day


    1. I would recommend you to believe in yourself. You should be satisfied by helping people . Forgiveness is a rare quality which only few people possess. Don’t let it go. You will recover your self esteem eventually. Just try to be happy, be good even to those who are bad to you. They will face Karma. Just be yourself and try to be happy.

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      1. I do try always to be better than people who live there lives hurting people I teach my children core values of respect and honour I seem to always be bitten by these people though lol I find I can forget but forgiveness is so very hard and I think karma works on people I don’t no but thanks for the reply I hope I can find a way past everything 🤗

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  2. The moment you are content, you become happy. Your most valuable success is your contentment. Even though people say that, you must keep your options open and keep looking out to achieve more, I feel that motivation should matter only to progress. It should not be a measure of one’s happiness and success.

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