Does Forgiveness Matter in Modern World?


Modern world is the world of technology. Technology is developing constantly but does the human being developing as well? Yes, of course man is developing. But at what cost? Now the humanity is a rare trait which we can see in very few. People are losing their ability to forgive people, which made them human in the first place.

When it comes to forgive people, every one deserve a chance. We live, We fight. We forgive, We forget. It is cycle of life which goes on. What remains, is bitterness and retaliation in heart. There is not single person on Earth who do not suffer resentment after being hurt. It is natural to feel bad, to feel hitting back. But what makes you stable in such situation is the ability to let it go. One should accept the people as they are. You cannot change others but can affect them the way you return your blow.


Forgiveness adorns a soldier. Forgiving is the best revenge you can do to an enemy. Forgiving is the attribute of the strong, the weak can never forgive. Forgiveness makes you at peace and gives you an upper hand. Forgiveness is not accepting the bad done to you, it is to love the person who give pain. It is to remove the bitterness from deep within the heart and life. You should forgive, but never forget the lesson learnt from pain. Each day gives us a chance to learn something, few become moral values and some lead you a better life.

Forgiveness makes you strong and other person indebted to you. So, forgive before you resent.


5 thoughts on “Does Forgiveness Matter in Modern World?

  1. I do agree but forgiveness is a task when someone hurts you over and over again it’s like being hit by the hay maker the knock out blow happens when all you do is forgive but I do agree I am standing after the knock out blow a bit dazzed and wanting to forgive again

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