The ‘Value’ Of Followers (1 min read)


When it comes to leadership, everyone wants to be leader. Everyone wants to change the world. But to be great leader, you must be a good follower first. You can tell a lot about a leader by the actions of his or her followers.

Followers understand the leader’s vision and can translate it to their work, their level. Followers ask questions. Followers express their support to others. Followers do what is asked and volunteer for more. Followers share their ideas on how to make the vision work. Followers get stuff done.

Followers don’t want to let the leader down. They believe in the direction that leader is forging. They run close behind that leader, focused and determined, committed to a cause that is Greatness. Its the duty of a leader to guide his followers in right direction. But it is also the duty of follower to understand the leader. If you can’t be a good follower, you won’t ever be a good leader.


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