Anger’s Worse Effects On Life


Anger is no stranger to anyone. Everyone feels angry due to certain circumstances. But whatever the reason is, anger mostly leads to negative actions. These negative action varies with different people. For some people, anger results in physical force. For me, it results in verbal abuse. If go uncontrolled, anger can lead to irreversible destruction to your life.

It’s totally normal to feel angry when you are hurt or disrespected. There is nothing wrong with expressing it either. Even a person with the kindest heart can lose their temper at times, and get angry. However, the way you express and manage your anger can have a lasting impact on your life. Anger is a powerful emotion, and it can make you hurt other people and make you behave badly and uncontrollably.

Some Shocking ways, anger can destroy your life in:

Anger Makes You Hurt Innocent People

Not able to resolve some important issues related to your work or personal life can lead to an offensive personality.

If you fail to address this anger to the rightful person, you are likely to vent out your emotions on your kids who are innocent and defenseless from your wrath. You may be unconsciously hurting your child,which could leave a long-lasting mark on their emotional well-being.

Legal Consequences

If you are unable to control your anger, you might resort to using abusive words and physical force. Hurting someone verbally and physically can result in assault charges, and you can even end up behind bars. Fighting over a parking space is certainly not worth going to jail or forever tainting your name with legal charges that involve violence.


Anger Affects Relationships

Anger can lead to irreversible damage to the relationships with your peers, colleagues, spouse and even your parents. Once you lose temper, can lead to destroying your relationship completely. At home, constantly nagging at your partner and kids as a way of releasing the anger inside you can ruin emotional bonds. At work, yelling at your co-workers makes you a terror, and if you are not the boss, you can get fired for misconduct.

Anger Cause Bitterness

Not everyone can let go of their anger easily. For example, Clarke’s boyfriend cheated on her, and worse yet, the girl was her friend. The hurt caused by two people close to her heart can turn into intense anger,which is not that easy to forgive and forget. So a bitterness in her nature would develop automatically, which can lead to negative actions.


Anger has the potential to destroy lives, if get uncontrolled.


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