Commenting On Blogs? It does matter, But not really..


Commenting On Blogs ! Well in short, it does matter but let me explain a little further.

A lot of people asked me, How can we get people comments on our blogs? Which type of post we should write so that we can get a lot of comments?

My answer to all of those is — Please Don’t waste your time to get people comments on your blogs. You are blogging because you are passionate about something, so you write it in your blogs. Blogging gives you freedom to write in any language, without any certificate and as much as you desire. You are not here just to get people’s comments. If you provide quality in your content, they will surely comment. When they do, then just don’t say Thanks, instead get to know more about them. Blogging is all about providing value, helping people with your knowledge.

I think that people attracts towards something which can solve their problems, which they can use in their daily life, something which inspires them. So improve the quality of your content and provide people what they want is all about blogging success.

Let me know whoever is reading this. Am I right? If so please comment below. If you need any help regarding blogging, I will help you surely.


14 thoughts on “Commenting On Blogs? It does matter, But not really..

    1. Yes. that should be the way. If a person is reading your blog, its far more than enough. I am thankful to all my audience just to read my blog.
      Anyways Thanks to you also for your precious time.

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  1. To a degree I agree. But with my blog my goal is to help people. The more fluent I am or the more undertood I am the better. Thats why I am lookinh for comments. Not to validate my intrests or passions but to improve the way I get them out of my mind on paper(computer screen).

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    1. yes. Your point is valid. But my post is directed towards those who just want comments on their post for the sake of appraisal of their blogs. They don’t want anything with ‘How to help people’ .
      Anyways thanks for reading my blogs. Let me know if you want any help.

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