Creative Power Of Loneliness


Being alone is not the first choice of anyone. No one wants to be alone in this ‘vast’ world but sometimes circumstances makes us to live alone. For many of us, alone is a negative state of being. Society doesn’t help us with this either; being alone often carries a social stigma, implying isolation, being on the outside. This perceived sense of loneliness seems to imply that being by one’s self is not volitional, that it’s not a choice we make but rather, an imposed state where a person is not socially engaged in the way that is somehow expected. Even further, it may imply that there is something actually wrong or defective with a person who remains alone.

Being alone is not that bad by the way. Loneliness brings some perks as well.  Learning to be alone may be initially scary but once mastered serves as the cornerstone for your development and growth as a human being. There’s so much to be gained from learning to rely, and more importantly, to trust your own inner voice as the best source for your own guidance.


Being alone allows you to drop your “social guard”, thus giving you the freedom to be introspective, to think for yourself. You may be able to make better choices and decisions about who you are and what you want without outside influence. Often, we are swayed by the thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior of those in our immediate sphere. Of course, you may ask others for their advice and opinions but ultimately, consulting yourself and making up your own mind about what you want to do will lead you into the life that’s best for you.

Loneliness makes you independent somehow, by making your will power strong. You can free yourself from social stigma after being alone. Take example from the Great Masters. They embarked on solitary journeys to probe the depths of their being and to find answers in revelatory, transformative experiences. Spiritually, being alone may bring you closer to your inner being, allowing you to more readily access the creative and intuitive aspects of yourself.

Give yourself the gift of your own time and energy, there’s nothing more worth it.


2 thoughts on “Creative Power Of Loneliness

  1. Truly said. Yes, living alone brings confidence, makes you stronger, you are able to know yourself and your capabilities. In short, evolution. And most importantly, we can do mistakes and don’t get embarrass but get knowledge retaining self confidence :))

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