5 Ways To Learn Fast (Highly Recommended) 1 min read


When it comes to learning, not all of us stands equal. Some are naturally gifted to learn fast. They are the lucky ones, I guess. But apart from Naturally gifted people, there are mostly people who practice some methods to learn fast. And we all know practice makes a man perfect. But what are those methods which can be used to learn fast. Well I am lucky enough to describe you the ways to learn fast… like Flash . Actually, not like flash but still pretty fast.

Anyways, here are 5 ways to make your learning faster:

  1. ‘Don’t Multi Task’ is no.1 on my list. Reason being, when you try to multi task your focus would never be on a single thing. You will never learn a single thing fast enough if you just do a lot of things at the same time.
  2. Read the same information in variety of ways’. When you read same type of information through a variety of ways like books, internet, reports, newspaper- your mind stimulates itself. You will unlikely to loose focus when you use different type of media to learn. In this way you can learn fast.
  3. Review the information periodically’. The information you gained from different media must be reviewed on periodic basis in order to be transferred from your short term memory to long term memory. This will help you retaining the information you just gained.
  4. ‘Take Breaks’. Taking regular breaks is as important as learning itself. It helps your brain to analyze information and store it properly in your hard drive (Brain’s hard drive).
  5. ‘Read Key Information Loud’. Read your key information loud helps a lot. Reason being, when you read information you want to learn aloud, you use two senses .i.e your eyes and your mouth. You are both seeing and speaking the information, this helps your mind to save that information for a longer period of time and with ease.

That’s all I have. Tell me in comment section whether you agree with these methods?


8 thoughts on “5 Ways To Learn Fast (Highly Recommended) 1 min read

      1. thank you my time has no value because it is always spent whether I like it or not as I can’t always choose how I spend it.

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  1. When you read something new, meditate on it, ask questions about it. On meditation, a book writer once said that if you know how to worry then know how to meditate.

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