‘Procrastination’ An Evil Needs To Eliminated


”Delaying your work only leads you one step back from your desired goal”

So first thing first, What is Procrastination? How does it affects us ? Most importantly why I said it an ‘Evil’?

Simple meaning of Procrastination is, ‘delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks’. Now you can understand procrastination does a lot of help to held us backward from our desired destination. It is a habit, which I consider doesn’t leave soon. People have been procrastinating for centuries. The problem goes back to ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle, they even developed a word to describe this type of habit as ‘Akrasia’.

Now you know Why I said this habit an ‘evil’ which needs to be eliminated. Now comes to point, How does it affect us?

It does affect us in many ways . Some of them are:

  • Most negative impact it has on us is that ‘You will lose precious time’. That should be the most negative impact. Don’t you think? . Well it is for me. Time is money, if you lose your precious time then you are losing your potential money.
  • Second Impact would be ‘Career Related’. Well you can ruin your career if you just delay your decisions. Not able to decide what you want to do in your near future, would be a whole negative point for me.
  • You can ‘Damage Your Reputation’. Now most of people would agree with me. Won’t they? Anyways when you keep saying you will do something and you don’t, your reputation inevitably gets tarnished. Nobody wants empty promises.
  • You will lose a lot of opportunities coming right at you, If you are playing with procrastination (a little humor). On a serious not opportunities doesn’t wait for anybody, so you will lose enough if you got yourself hold back by procrastination.

By taking into consideration, I have some to a conclusion that this habit must be eliminated as early as possible. Procrastination destroys your life silently.

So, if I left anything please do tell me in comment section.




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