10 Golden Rules Of Blogging (1 min read)


Blogging is a great way to share your views, opinion and knowledge about something you are good at. Blogging provides freedom to write anything and everything. But there are some things you need to know before starting a blog. Consider these things the ‘Golden Rules’ of blogging:

  1. Catchy and Interesting title. Make sure you give your post a catchy title for people to click on.
  2. Original Content. Providing original content in your blog defines its success.
  3. Be Consistent. Try to post at least once a day. Consistency helps a lot in blogging.
  4. Use Photos. Use media in your blog posts. It makes reader interested to read your content.
  5. Be Concise. Blog is all about an idea or thought. Try to make it more direct, not to make it vague with inappropriate content.
  6. Don’t focus on Likes and Views. Your goal should be providing value to your audience. How many likes you get on your post doesn’t matter.
  7. Humor. Humor does have a great importance. Be funny, use humor to engage your audience. People love it when they read humor.
  8. Proof Read. Always proof read your content. No body wants to read a post with writing or grammar mistakes.
  9. Use A Theme. Use a theme, you want to start your blog about. Choose a particular topic you must be good at.
  10. Don’t make it too lengthy. A good blog post have a length of 500-700 words. Don’t make lengthy post so that your reader gets tired just scrolling down and down.

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