5 Ways To ‘Boost Brain Power’ (1 min read)


Well, Brain is the only thing which can help in digging gold without gold mines. It means brain has the power to create riches if it remains focused. But brain has its own limitations. In fact, it is not a machine which can keeps going on. ¬†Especially if you are in your early 30’s or late 30’s your brain power has started to decline. While some changes in thinking and memory are inevitable as we age, the good news is that lifestyle seems to be able to blunt those effects -and keep many minds working sharply well into old age.

Well there are some ways which can effectively help you to boost your brain power and restore your memory to a good extent:

‘Take The Stairs’

Well the first point I have for you is ‘Take the stairs’. It seems really off, don’t you think? How taking stairs can help you? But believe me, it does a lot. Taking stairs means, you don’t have to spend your precious time for exercise, which is very important for your brain and your whole body. A study suggests that taking stairs helps improving blood flow to your brain, causing less brain shrinkage and more memory power.

‘Take A Little Nap In Daylight’

While you sleep, your brain sorts, consolidate and store the memory you collected during the whole day. A small nap during day time can help your brain to make your memories last for a long time. So, I suggest you should try it.

‘Little Reading Before Sleeping’

Some theories suggest that a little reading before a good night sleep can help your mind to get a good nap. And you know very well the importance of a good ‘Napping’. In turn, it helps your mind to relax and boost your memories.

‘Eat Less’

I am sure you saw that coming already. Eating less, a study suggest, helps to a great extent. People with ‘eating less’ habit has a memory 20 percent better than a normal high eating person.University of Munster (Germany) researches on this theory by the way.

‘Throw A Party’

Why reading should be so much boring. So a little to your surprise, I have added some interesting stuff. Yes ! Throw a party helps. Because people who feels isolated, are at a higher risk of depression which is enemy no.1 of Brain and Memory. So have fun with your friends and relax a little.

That’s all for you. It really helps. Give it a try.


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