Frustration ‘Deadly’ Trap (1 min read)


Frustration can be painful, so is life. We all feel frustrated at least once a day at some point of time. But we just ignores it. Frustration is a result of unfulfilled needs while you are still making efforts to fulfill those needs, but nothing  you do seems to work. If you ignore frustration, then overtime it will lead to depression because ignoring doesn’t address the root cause of frustration.

The underlying message frustration trying to tell you, is that what you are currently doing to satisfying your needs is not working and you should try doing something else. If you do continue what you are currently doing, then the pain of your unfulfilled needs will be much more than you can handle. That is why, listen to your frustration not just ignore it. It’s delivers a message from soul to your body.

If constantly ignored, frustration can turn into a serious depression which can lead to a brain damage. But people today keep ignoring this feeling. Well they are right too, they are burdened with a lot of responsibilities. Too many promises to fulfill, too many broken hearts, too many stressful study nights, too any job interviews. So why wouldn’t they feel frustrated all the time. Who am I to judge?

But how bitter it is, the truth is Frustration can destroy happiness in cold blood if it continues to be ignored.

Now what should be the ways to get rid of Frustration?

To be continued in next part…….



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