20 Things You Can Do When You Are Alone (1 min read)

thanksgiving alone_20161123180949185_6667222_ver1.0_640_360.jpg

Feeling alone is not our first choice. Nobody wants to be alone. But there are some circumstances when we have to be alone, so in order to pass time we need something to do.

Well I managed to get a list of 20 things you can do when you are alone:

  1. Go on a solo date.
  2. Attend Meet ups, whether formal or informal.
  3. Having a dinner at restaurant.
  4. Take a spa day.
  5. Go to a Museum exhibit you are dying to see.
  6. Go to beach to read and people watch.
  7. Calling a friend at your place.
  8. Volunteer for some social work.
  9. Watch a movie of your choice.
  10. Read Fiction. Its Fascinating.
  11. Adopt a pet of your choice. My favorite is a Rabbit.
  12. Take a random bus, train or flight to anywhere off.
  13. Dance at your favorite number.
  14. Go for a run.
  15. Look through Old Pictures.
  16. Make your Bed. Actually make a habit of it.
  17. Write a Journal. Helps you feel nostalgic after some time.
  18. Take nature’s photographs.
  19. Watch Ted Talks. Really Inspiring stuff.
  20. Do something crazy, paragliding to bungee jumping.

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