Frustration ‘Deadly’ Trap (Part 2)


Welcome back my fellow audience. In Frustration ‘Deadly’ Trap (Part 1), I described how frustration traps us into negativity. How it destroys our life.

Well in this post, I would like to explain to you how to get over this trap of frustration. Well I told you earlier in my post that if ignored, frustration can turn into a depression and it can even damage your brain or memory.

You can get rid of frustration in following ways:

‘Stop Being Angry’

Anger clouds our judgement and challenges our technical thinking. Anger is one way to increase our frustrations. It can be either directed towards ourselves or to the one causing the frustration. Try something to stop being angry like watching a funny movie, talking to a person you love – helps greatly to calm your mind down. Only when you are thinking straight and calm will you be able to address the problem that is causing you to be frustrated.

‘Be With Positive People’

Surround yourself with positive people or may be your best friends with whom you can share your life problems. Find optimism in positive people can greatly help you to get rid of your frustration.

‘Stop Blaming Yourself’

Maybe you did something really wrong, and your current situation is the result of that mistake. Take responsibility but don’t blame yourself. It’s all in the past. You’re in the present now and you can do something about it. Blame will only put weight on that past and drag you down. Avoid it at all cost.

‘Try Meditation’

Meditation helps to calm your nerves. Of course, it can help to cool your mind off and diverting your focus towards something else.

‘Stay Positive’

Try to think of the other difficult times that you have encountered and yet succeeded in the past. Say to yourself, this too will pass, as it always does. Nothing is permanent and your worries are no exception to this.


That’s all my loving audience.

Tell me in comment section, whether you agree with me?




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