How To Network With Other Bloggers?


Networking is important not only in blogging but also in every business. People who don’t network, can’t get far with their business. Blogging is no exception to this rule. Specially for a new blogger, networking is like a ‘must’ activity he has to do to be success.

If you think you can go it alone and see the same level of success, then by all means try it. However, if you want to speed up the process of building traffic and gaining new readers and subscribers, then you need to leverage other bloggers audiences. This is where networking comes in.

Great content is the starting point for a successful blog, but when you are just beginning, nobody is going to read it because you have no traffic. Building significant levels of traffic takes time and that’s part of the blogging process, but why not help yourself and begin networking with bloggers who have already achieved what you want?

Networking can be done is following ways:

Use Guest Posting

Try guest posting as it is the best way to increase your networking with other bloggers. But keep in mind that guest posting should be done in the similar niche as you have. Guest posting in a different niche is not a wise move. Talk with your bloggers, get to know them , help them in their respective topic is the determining point of networking.

Share Common Interest

Find bloggers with some common interest, talk to them. Common interest plays an important role as you always have a topic to talk to, and this helps your relationship last long.

Use Twitter

For months, I was resistant to Twitter because I thought it was a glorified chat room. When I was finally convinced to get on board by a friend, I discovered its potential. In my opinion, Twitter is theΒ most powerful of all social media streams. Just in the last month, I have been in contact with some bloggers and exchange my views with them, ending with a guest post on their blog. When used correctly, Twitter can be incredibly powerful and can have a huge impact on your business.

Use E mail

Using a good email with best intentions to network most of the times. Keep it brief by the way. People generally have not much time to read an anonymous lengthy email.





21 thoughts on “How To Network With Other Bloggers?

      1. Thanks. Actually we always talk about networking but we never try it practically. So May be I can help you.
        Blogging is all about helping each other, although I personally like your blog. So I ll reblog your posts.


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