How to Reblog And How Does It Help Bloggers To Gain Audience ? (WordPress edition)


The power of Reblog is enough to get you a decent traffic. Especially for new bloggers who have some great content but nobody to read it. That’s where reblog can prove “an umbrella in a heavy rain”. When I was new at WordPress, I had to work a lot to gain followers. Then i heard about reblogging but never found any icon or something on WordPress. I mean it was there, but it is nowhere in ‘ Account settings’ or ‘notification settings’, then I wrote on WordPress forums  and got to know all about reblogging.

So here is all about reblogging:

‘Reblog Icon’

Many blogs, including this one, have their posts set to scroll so that the reader can access several articles without having to click through to the next.
To reblog articles on scrolling pages, click the title of the article to bring it up on a page of its own. This way you can also see any comments.

If you still haven’t found it, then its not probably there. Some posts doesn’t have reblog option. Some write actually doesn’t want to reblog their content.

‘Why Reblogging’

Reblogging benefits both original writer and reblogger.  It’s a way to share articles you have found moving, informative or entertaining with your readers. By doing so you add interest to your site.
A reblog will leave a link to your site in the comments section of the original post. You may attract new readers when they explore such links. The original writer will almost certainly visit.
Meanwhile, you are able to share the work of writers you admire, help other writers, artists ans bloggers get exposure for their work, their new releases and offers. You can also direct your readers to sites you yourself enjoy, increasing their traffic… while perhaps forging links of friendship and  being an active part of the blogging community.

‘Tags Addition’

When you reblog some post, it doesn’t come with its original tags. So make sure you add some tags of your own to make it easy for search engine to find.

‘When Your Post Reblogged’

Ohh That’s a wonderful feeling actually. It means someone found your writings worth enough to share with his audience. In return, you should at least visit this person blog and should care enough to follow him as well. And of course, a big ‘Thank You’ is already due.


That’s all about reblogging. It helps greatly if used properly.

Tell me in comment section whether you agree with me or not?

You might consider to reblog it (Sorry, just some humor). But if you do, then you are most welcome.


16 thoughts on “How to Reblog And How Does It Help Bloggers To Gain Audience ? (WordPress edition)

    1. Guest posts are good to get good audience for your blog. Reblog does the same thing, with less time.
      Well, I am looking forward to read your new article on ‘How to help new bloggers and how they can reach more reader’.


      1. I am thinking about Reblogging some of your posts. Is it fine with you?
        Because we all talk about networking but never does so practically. May be in this way we can help each other. Blogging is all about helping each other.
        So what say ?


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