15 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 30 (1 min read)


‘Life goes on’ a popular quote which is famous enough to be on everyone’s tongue. Yes! Life goes on, it doesn’t stop for anyone. This is how it was designed. But before ends, there are some things we should do to make it more memorable. Especially before turning 30.

So here are the things you should do before you turn 30:

  1. Travel alone. It’s a one of a kind experience. You must do it before you turn 30.
  2. Go out on dates. That’s something you must do. How do you think you can find your right partner if you don’t try to date anyone.
  3. Move to A New City.  Explore a new city before you get old.
  4. Learn to play a musical instrument. Well, if you are boy you must try it. Girls dig that.
  5. Know your family history. You must be aware about your family history.
  6. Join A Social Cause. It will give you personal satisfaction.
  7. Do something for someone selflessly. Do some selfless things before you turn 30.
  8. Take Risks. Learn to take risks, it is the best time to do that. After turning 30, may be you’ll never have a chance to do that.
  9. Get yourself out of debt. That’s good for you if you keep yourself out of debt before you turn 30.
  10. Try something daring. Like a bungee jumping, paragliding or rock climbing.
  11. Build your own brand. Try to do something of value for society. In this way, you ll help yourself to make a brand for yourself.
  12. Learn a foreign language. At least learn one language other than your native language.
  13. Buy what you love. It can be anything like your favorite Motor bike, House, Cell phone or even a Lamborghini.
  14. Land your dream job. Its time to land your dream job.
  15. Learn to cook for yourself. May be you are alone someday and don’t want to eat just bread slices and some eggs.

4 thoughts on “15 Things You Must Do Before You Turn 30 (1 min read)

  1. Interesting. I haven’t learnt any musical instrument yet though I love to sing. Foreign language? That’s a tough one. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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