7 Ways to Overcome ‘Blogger’s Block’


To begin with, I want to tell you the right word is ‘Writer’s block’, but as you know we are in the blogging world the ‘Blogger’s Block’ seems to more appealing. Doesn’t it? Okay, enough with talks. Come to the point, So what is this Blogger’s block?

Simply speaking when you can’t come up with an idea to write about in your blog, is officially called Blogger’s block. It’s a very common ‘condition’, happens even to the best of us. Believe me on this, when it happens it’s very frustrating.

You know what separates elite bloggers like Seth Godin and Neil Patel from the rest is that they use proven techniques for finding hot topics when Bloggers Block hits. So what are those techniques? Let me tell you, these technique are really simple and can be used by any blogger, either beginner or elite.

So, here are the ways to overcome the blogger’s block:

  1. Inspire from the sources you follow. By that I mean see their patterns, how they come up with an idea, what techniques they use to come up with a catchy title, etc. etc.

  2. Hit the Books. You can’t rely on short snippets and articles to provide a steady diet of knowledge for your mind. Books allow writers to give more complete thoughts.Books are great resources for educating yourself and they can be invaluable when you are stuck as a writer.

  3. Keep Your Eyes on Your Readers’ Questions. May be you can get an idea from there as well. Although I personally use this method at lot when Blogger’s block hits me.

  4. Reblog can be a good option. When nothing strikes you, then reblog can be considered as a wise choice.

  5. Expand your blog interests. Sometimes you have some idea but doesn’t match with your blog’s niche, in this case you should use to create a post. It doesn’t matter once in a while  provided the content is good.

  6. Review a Movie or Book. Reviewing a good movie or book can be a life saver in blogging ‘hard’ times.

  7. Last but not the least ‘Google it’. Well, when all solution fails, google helps. Use it and save your blog’s goodwill.

That’s all from my side. Hope you would be benefited from these tips.


6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Overcome ‘Blogger’s Block’

  1. Being a full time student and working ‘bloggers block’ happens to me all the time,mostly because I don’t have the energy to sit and think of a topic and when I get that little bit of time for my blog and I sit down and can’t think of what to write that just frustrates me more. So I think I have a mix of just aggravation, exhaustion, and ‘bloggers block’. These tips though are great and I’m going to use them. Thanks for sharing. The picture by the way made me laugh a lot, don’t know why? Great post though!

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