‘Pessimism’ Impacts On Life


You probably heard about this word many times. You also may have heard that Pessimism is not good for life, we should have an optimistic approach in our life. But Why is that? Why Pessimism is bad? How it affects our life ?

Well, pessimism refers to the mental state of seeing the worst aspect of things or believing that the worst is going to happen. It signifies lack of hope or confidence in the future. According to studies, pessimistic people are prone to get physical and mental problems and they are susceptible to chronic pains and illnesses.

A study conducted by the Mayo clinic also suggests that people who maintained an optimistic view of life have lower incidence of illnesses that their pessimistic counterparts. Of course, if you only think about worst case scenario in every aspect, how would you expect life to be? No wonder it’ll be full of worries and diseases.

Here are some ways in which Pessimism affects our life:

‘Depression and Emotional Disturbance’

The effects of pessimism are far greater than the development of negative outlook and lack of hope, for it can cause depression.  The haunting feeling that things will go wrong or nothing good will ever happen can trigger depressive thoughts, and these can lead to more serious problems like chronic pain, anger, insomnia, poor diet and other mental and emotional problems.

‘Health Hazards’

Aside from depression and other emotional issues, pessimism can also trigger health problems.  This is because pessimistic people tend to be unmindful of their health and they don’t care much about their condition.

Heart problems, hypertension, obesity, are some of the indications of pessimism.  In contrast, people with optimistic views are better educated, in better physical, emotional and mental condition and holding stable jobs.  This is because they take care of themselves, they exercise, they eat to stay healthy, and they believe in the future.


‘Poor Choice Making’

Pessimistic people rarely make choices in their lives and if they do, it’s usually not out of concern for the future, because they don’t believe that things will turn out right in the first place.

‘Pessimism can lead to lack of motivation’

Pessimists are people who don’t believe in positive outcomes. Hence, being a pessimist often leads to lack of motivation and lack of ambition in any individual’s overall state of mind. Pessimism and a subsequent lack of motivation can hinder your growth and development in all walks of life, don’t you think?

Well, there are other ways in which Pessimism affects our life. But what I explained are the major ones.

Tell me in comment section, Do you agree with me ?


6 thoughts on “‘Pessimism’ Impacts On Life

    1. well, you can comment. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, and pessimism is no exception. But generally pessimism does more harm than good. But I would welcome your opinion.


  1. Optimists have their own troubles, studies have shown that optimism can contribute to a reckless risk taking in the young, where a reasonable dose of pessimism can rein that in.


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