Stage Fear: The Performance Killer (1 min read)


Stage Fear! Surely we all have gone through it. Some of them have conquered it and may be some of them still have it. Well actually the official word for stage fear is Stage Fright. So let’s talk about What is stage fright?

Simply speaking, it is a feeling of nervousness before public speech, recital, some dance performance or even some singing act. So basically, it’s kind of an anxiety develop in a person who has to perform in front of live audience. It is also called by the name of Performance Anxiety. No wonder it affects performance during live stage.

Now the question is What causes Stage Fear? Although many causes are there but my award goes to ‘lack of self confidence’. A person with low level of self confidence always have this stage fear. Being unprepared or less practice only helps stage fear to get worse. People have a mind set that if they make mistakes on stage, then audience will think least of them. And this reason causes a lot of damage to the self confidence level.

How would you know if you have Stage fear? Well, its pretty obvious. But physically you’ll notice cold hands, dry mouth, headache sometimes. Emotionally you can observe racing thoughts, forgetting what you have to speak, intense fear of judgement by audience. Well all of these symptoms are pretty intense. In fact, in some severe cases, people even gets freeze and some get a minor heart attack as well.

So How would I get over it, if I have stage fright?

There are some ways to control it. I am gonna tell about them in my next post.

To be continued…


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