5 Ways To Overcome Stage Fear



Earlier In my post I told you about What is Stage Fear? What would you feel when stage fear strikes? What causes it ? If you haven’t read that post, read it at here, Stage Fear: The Performance Killer.

Now I am gonna talk about the ways to overcome the stage fear, also known as Stage Fright. Believe me stage fear is the worst thing you can think about, when you have big goals to reach. Stage fear won’t let you reach those goals anytime soon. It wouldn’t be wrong if I call it a ‘Cancer To Your Success’. Overcoming it is the first step you should take, as soon as possible.

Here are some ways to overcome stage fear:

Don’t Fight It, Rather Work With It

You already know that you’ll feel anxious during first few minutes of presentation, so accept it. Don’t fight it. Rather divert your focus on your presentation and your anxiety will ease off at the moment you’ll change your focus. Fighting a fear only makes it worse.

Know Your Content

Being prepared is the key to get rid of stage fear. You must know about your content you have to present, you must know your audience . If you know what are you talking about, then there will be no need to fear. Rather it’ll come naturally to you.


Knowing your content is not enough, you’ll have to practice it as much as you can. Only practicing your stuff gives you confidence to ace your presentation.

Focus On First 5 Minutes

Just imagine your entire presentation is only five minutes long. This will make it less stressful. Focus on just getting through the first five minutes and by this time you will have already calmed down and the rest is a piece of cake.

Never say ‘Sorry’ for being Nervous

You know you’re nervous and your hand are cold, so why tell your audience, why say sorry to them. You may feel yourself shaking and shivering, but your audience might not be aware of it. Don’t mention it. It will make your audience nervous too and they will be too worried about your performance to get much out of your presentation.


That’s all I have for you, I just hope it’ll help you to get over the Stage Fear.







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