How to let go ‘Vengeance’?


Vengeance! A word with full of fire and violence itself. Some people have to face a lot of difficulties for the actions of another person. Sometimes these difficulties are worse which forces us develop a feeling only to punish that person for his/her mistakes. That feeling is called ‘Vengeance’.

Humans doesn’t have the right to punish people for their mistakes. Neither GOD allows this nor our country’s law, for good actually. I’m not a psychologist, but every story I’ve heard about someone acquiring revenge on someone else is one of regret. They feel really good about appeasing their sense of justice in the moment and immediately following the act, but it quickly subsides and a feeling of emptiness sets in. The avenged wish they hadn’t been wronged in the first place, which of course is impossible to reverse.

Vengeance is the opposite of forgiveness. Remember too that the one who wronged you is a person as well, who despite their actions also has feelings of regret, sadness, and guilt. They have to live with what they have done. So why not forgive them?

Forgive someone for their mistakes is far noble thing to do, even for the betterment of society. Forgiveness gives us an inner peace which we’ll feel rest of our life opposing to vengeance which we’ll feel only for a second and spend the rest of our life in guilt. By the way Vengeance doesn’t reverse the wrong actions for which you have this feeling. So just forgive and Let Karma do its work.



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