The Havoc Of Criticism On Our Life


Well, we all are familiar with criticism. In fact, we all have faced it in our life at some point of time. That means we know how it feels when someone criticize us. We feel very bad, sometimes we even cry. But criticism is far more worse if it is done constantly. And I am talking about Destructive Criticism here. Though there is also a Constructive Criticism, I’ll talk about it later in some other post.

SO, back to the point. Some people have this inherent habit of criticism. They just criticize no matter what other feels. Some people often have this misunderstanding that criticizing someone means, ”I have more power and I know better, so I should practice this power to make other person feel least of him”.

Criticism exist in every area of life. From school life to a corporate life. Now the question is How Criticism affects us?


As per a comprehensive study on Criticism, most psychologists agree that criticism does not lead people to change behavior. Instead it creates anger and defensiveness on the part of the person criticized. Communication between the parties is shackled, and positive relationships impeded. In short, Criticism creates havoc in relationships of concerned parties. It damages our ability to think logically. Because whenever we do get criticized, first thing come in our mind is anger and hatred for that person even if it’s constructive criticism. Our brain is designed to take negative things very seriously, that may be good in some cases, but not in case of criticism.

Criticism is just a bad way of making a request.  So why not just make the request politely? Why destroy someone’s peace of mind? Often, when we criticize someone, it is because they are not doing something we would like them to do or they are doing something we would like them to stop doing.  Rather than using an attack mode of communication like criticism, it would be much healthier and much more effective to simply make your request. If you make a peaceful request, it is much less likely to be received negatively by your partner, and will foster a solution that much quicker.


9 thoughts on “The Havoc Of Criticism On Our Life

  1. As a critic I don’t think that Criticism has to be negative, A good Criticism always appeals to common sense, Shattering the glass of illusion is not always painful and a good critic can shatter that glass(If he is right of course) without leaving the trace of hate. Criticism is good and healthy for the community to grow and mindsets to evole. A few centuries ago people in Europe(No Asian people didn’t believe that) believed that earth is flat, why that changed, well because of logical criticism, science revolves around criticism and It takes guts to accept good criticism and make up for your mistakes. If criticism is incorrect then It will fail. We all be subject to criticism, criticism is the act of asking the questions and dictating the answers in possible logical ways if the answer is not logical then criticize that answer and prove it wrong in a logical way.

    I can understand what are you trying to tell buddy, but Criticism in necessary evil that puts society one step forward, If a criticism cannot convince at least some people to accept and change their mind then it is not good criticism and world is full of bad criticism.

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    1. You are right. I agree with you. But the article I posted is all about Destructive Criticism which is driven by hatred. Even I mentioned in the beginning of the article what is it all about. And yeah there’s good criticism when we all need but that comes in the category of Constructive Criticism.

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      1. Surely there is . Constructive criticism is a rare one that’s why an uneducated person can’t even tell the difference between destructive and constructive one. For him, criticism is only CRITICISM.

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    1. Yes, sure there is . That is called Constructive criticism. But my article is all about Destructive criticism which is driven by hate and only affects us negatively. Even I mentioned in the beginning of my article that It is all about Destructive Criticism.


      1. yeah. I’ll cover that Good criticism in my next post. So don’t forget to read it.
        By the way Thank a ton for sparing some time to read my blog. It means a lot to me.


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