The Incredible Power Of Compliment


Who doesn’t like a compliment? I am sure there is no one in this world who doesn’t like a generous compliment. Well, I do like compliments a lot , so is everyone. But why is that? Why do people like compliments?

Actually it’s all about the power of simple words. Words can make a real difference if conveyed properly. If not, they will have a severe impact on someone’s life. That’s why receiving a genuine compliment induces productivity in a person while receiving a bad criticism can blow his productivity or may be his dignity in some cases. Nothing stimulates more and increases productivity and commitment faster than sincere appreciation.

Compliments are a mark of awareness and refined consciousness. Personally I believe there’s part of our brain which has a potential to work overtime without feeling tiredness but the catch is, that part of our brain is only fueled by appreciation. So, the compliments are what powers it.

Lets take an example to test this theory: Let’s suppose in a blog, I liked some people’s post and compliments them for their writing skills and even encourages them to write on a specific topic. Now, by hearing their praise, they’ll manage time somehow and write that post on the topic I suggested them and by doing this, their blog traffic grows even further. If I never gave them compliment, then they could never be encouraged to write that post by somehow managing their time. And they could never get that traffic by doing that extra work which they did by hearing my compliment.  So, I believe Compliments or appreciation does help a lot to bring the best out of you.

Anyways it’s a theory as per my own views. May be I am wrong. Tell me in comment section what do you think about it?


13 thoughts on “The Incredible Power Of Compliment

  1. Yes…compliments can boost up…whenever I try something new, something different I asked for review…if there’s compliment then I feel boost up…like you had did few days back…


      1. yes…the posts of yours are thoughtfull and wise…only thing–a suggestion rather–lessen down the post…like 3 or 2…4 is also ok…but, maintain a wide gap of hours between…

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      2. okay. I ll keep in mind. actually I don’t have a fixed time to post. I have a job, so whenever I get time I try to post. Still you gave a good advice. I’ll see to it. Thanks a lot.


  2. Awesome!! And very true..
    In my case, i’ve been blogging for like 6 weeks and i can say that compliments on my posts or some of my friends who read my posts and such have really helped me to keep blogging.
    On that note, I love your work too!! Haha


  3. This is so very true. A genuine compliment not only lifts someones spirits and helps them do everything better, but it makes your own heart feel good once you see the effect the compliment has had on this person. Thanks for the great post!

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