1000 Likes! My First Milestone on WordPress. Some Tips For Bloggers?



1000 Likes! Sounds really good, doesn’t it? This is my first milestone on WordPress.

I started my blog a few days back and I never thought that I’ll surpass the first milestone this early. Well, I did really work hard on my blog. Right from writer’s block to reply to the comments. But all this credit goes to my readers. They are the strong pillars of my blog, without you guys I’ll never be able to reach the milestone this soon. I am glad that I have such loyal readers. I love you all. I wish you’ll achieve the same very soon, if you haven’t achieved it already.

Now I have some tips for my fellow bloggers and my audience. May be these can help you to move strategically so that you can make your blog a ‘success’ a little early. So here they are:

  1. First of all, Link all your social media platform to WordPress. This will help you to get more readers and you’ll have a vast reach for your blog.
  2. Provide Good Content. Content plays an important role to make your blog a ‘blockbuster’. So whatever you are writing, you must have in depth knowledge of that so that you can solve queries and doubts of your readers, if they ever ask you.
  3. Don’t stick to a Niche. Well, I heard a lot about about sticking to a particular niche. But I really don’t find it very appealing. Though write about a lot of stuff, this’ll help you to get rid of writer’s block and you can post regularly on your blog.
  4. Nice ‘About Me’ Page. This page tells your audience about who you are, what your blog is all about and what are your goals regarding your blog. Personally, I believe you should always maintain good ‘about me’ page on every social media.

This is it guys. I’ll post some other tips in my next post.

O yeah! One thing I missed, Please tell me in comment section What do you really like in my posts, so that I can help myself to make it better. And if you want me to write on some particular idea, just tell me in comment section.


19 thoughts on “1000 Likes! My First Milestone on WordPress. Some Tips For Bloggers?

  1. Thanks a lot for this and for encouraging me that some day I will hit the 1000 likes button. What I love about your blog is the encouragement and the ‘how to’ segments very insightful.

    Liked by 1 person

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