Kindness: An Invaluable Jewel, Only Strong Can Possess (2 min read)

                          “We rise by lifting others, not by putting them down”


Remember when we were in school, there’s a basic lesson we all learned about life is showing Kindness to others. It was indeed an invaluable lesson which most of us forgetting nowadays. Kindness is a very ‘rare’ element in modern world. The lack of generosity and friendliness that is evident today is shocking. May be it is because of this misconception, “Being kind is a weakness’.

But Why do people think that? How kindness can be a weakness? I know we live in a competitive world which only emphasis on wining. I get it, but showing some kindness won’t make you a loser. I mean come on, showing someone kindness doesn’t mean you are weak, rather it means you are stronger than him. Kindness brings out the goodness in people. Personally, I believe that ‘How a person treats other people can tell a lot about him’. By a lot, I mean almost everything.

In my opinion, kindness is a quality that is contagious. When people notice others being kind, they become inspired themselves to act that way. I don’t think any feeling compares to the one experienced when seeing someone display kindness towards a stranger. When I see someone helping others, I really wanna do the same and by doing this I am not doing anyone any favor but to me. There really is nothing more rewarding.


“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”…completely true. You probably heard this quote many times before, but never thought about it deep in your mind. Modern generation is very quick in judging people, some judge people by their appearance, some judge people by their intelligence. But why judge? May be they don’t appear good because they had some accident or they don’t have money. So stop judging and start loving.

If you really wanna kill people, Kill them with kindness.



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