Do you have a right mindset for Job Interview? If not, Lets make it right.. (2 min read)

     ”Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”, Henry Ford


Job interviews are a crucial part of recruitment procedure in every company. Whether you get the job or not, depends all upon how you face the job interview. Sometimes even the highly experienced people with a lot degrees and heavy resumes are not able to land a decent job. Reason being the wrong mindset. Wrong mindset includes all the factors like lack of self confidence, pessimism, ego problems, unprepared for the interview, less learning and even wrong dressing sense.

Now Lets face it, Job interview is something you can’t escape ever. You can postponed it for sometime but not forever. You have to face it one day. So why not prepared for it when you still have a chance. Job interview is an opportunity which doesn’t come often, so you have to aced it with full efficiency. There’s no second place in job interview. Either you win or not. So you need to be at your best while going for a job interview.

Now the question is, How to make a right mindset for Job interview? There’s a lot of factors you must remember before you go for an interview. These factors are:

‘Self Confidence’

When you go for a job interview, this thing we call ‘self confidence’, you must carry it with yourself. If you are not confident enough to answer questions in interview, then you must not be confident enough to get that job you are applying for. During an interview, you should give answers with discipline, in a calm voice and take sufficient pauses during the conversation. And always remember to leave your arrogance at home while you’re leaving for interview.


Discipline is very important in every phase of life and job interview is no exception. Discipline means wear an appropriate set of clothes (preferably formals), keep a calm smile on your face, talk with manners, keep your voice in check and maintain a good eye contact with interviewer. These are little things which have enormous impact on your interview scores.

‘Leave Stress At Home’

When it come to stress, it’ll only decrease your productivity and increase your doubt. Especially job interviews are known for ‘stress inducing activity'(just kidding). In job interviews, people generally get stressed more than they ever do in their whole life. I mean I never understand this stress logic in job interviews. I mean come on, it’s only one job, and if you don’t get it, there’ll always be numerous other jobs you can try for. Meanwhile, stress never help you to get succeed. You should practice your interview conversation at home to leave this stress out while going for a job interview.

Preparation for some technical Questions’

If you are applying for a technical job then you must prepare for some technical stuff related to your academical qualifications that can be asked during the job interview. Practicing these type of stuff only increase your chance to get select for the position you are applying for.

So my fellow readers, these are the factors which’ll improves your mindset for a job interview and will definitely increase your chances to get select for your dream job position.





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