Self Love: Very Important, But Not So Popular? (2 min read)

                  ‘‘Loving yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself”


I heard from many people saying,” You should love yourself more”. But I never gave this sentence the attention it deserved in the first place. But there came a time and suddenly this sentence struck my mind. Then I researched on this sentence and got to know how important the meaning of this sentence is for human life.

So what is this Self Love? Where can you get it? The answer is simple. Self love is within you. You just have to see in yourself. Self love is an action not a state of feeling good. It means self love is the appreciation we give ourselves in order to keep our physical, mental and emotional health in good position and focused on our desired goals of life.

In modern world, improvement in technology helped us to make our physical efforts less, but still the responsibilities we have on our heads doesn’t let us think about ourselves. We care for our spouse, children, parents, relatives and even our neighbors but not ourselves as much as we should do. The moment we understand the importance of self love, we create a whole lot of better world for us with less worries, less stress and more happiness. But to attain self love, we have to make some changes in our lives which are:

‘Forgive Yourself’

Forgive someone is easy comparatively ourselves. We can be so hard on ourselves. The responsibilities we take for our actions punishes us way too much, they don’t let us learn something new or to grow. So first forgive yourself then do anything else.

‘Care For Yourself Like You Care For Others’

Give yourself a time out every single day to think only for yourself. You should take as much care for yourself as you do for your loved ones. Logically, it would also be right. Because if you don’t care for yourself, then one day you’ll not able to care for themselves either.

‘Work On What You Need Rather Than What You Want’

I studied this sentence in my school time that ‘Human wants are unlimited right from the cradle till the grave’. Though it is very much correct. Your wants will never end. If you achieve one thing then you’ll have to work on another. So instead work on your wants, you should work on what you need. This’ll eliminate the extra pressure and may be you can love yourself then.


So my fellow readers this is it. Self love is very important for life. So spread love, but first on yourself.


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