4 Habits To Dramatic Life Improvements (2 min read)


Habits! Something we develop over the years. We all have some habits of our own. Some good and some definitely bad. If I talk technically, it is our habits that makes us what we are. Because what we do in our regular life portrays our own image. We are actually the xerox copy of our habits.

Since our habits has a crucial impact on our life, we must develop or even change our habits for greater good. Of course some bad habits needs to be left alone and some goods habits needs to adopted. There are some habits which needs to be work upon to improve the quality of our life to a whole new next level.

So these habits are as follows:

‘Get Started, Time will never be just right’

Some people waste a lot of time brainstorming to do something of value. But they only does the ‘brainstorming’. They never apply their brainstorming anywhere. May be they get afraid or something. The ideal method should be ‘Get started as soon as an idea struck your mind, work on it, apply it no matter how wrong it goes or how bad it looks but at least try to bring it from your imagination into reality.

Author Jodi Picoult quoted, “You can edit a bad page, but you can’t edit a blank page”.

‘Find some ‘Me’ time’

Its very important to give time to yourself. You must do something which remind you of who you are. It can be anything like a childish singing to watching your favorite flick. You just need to rejuvenate yourself and your mind to keep it spinning.

‘Don’t be afraid to say NO’

Modern age is full of selfishness. Everyone wants their work done on time. No one cares about other person. In this world, there are some people who are good enough to never say ‘No’ to people for anything, no matter how badly it can affect their schedule, their health, their personal life, their professional life. So, in many circumstances, Don’t be afraid to say ‘NO’. Saying no also reflects your self control level. Usually people who have more self control, says ‘No’ in abundant.

‘Stay away from those who brings you down’

There are people who pulls you down through their negativity. Their influence have a toxic effect on your personality. So you have to stay away from these people. They have this sole purpose to fill your mind with something negative thoughts so that you can never achieve what you desire. The last thing you want to do is to think about people who don’t matter in your life.

That’s all I have for you in this post. Tell me in comment section, if you agree with me.


Habits makes us, but never let them control your well being.



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