The Creative Power Of Jealousy (2 min read)


Do you think Jealousy is a bad emotion? Of course you think it is. It’s what you have learned from your school, your parents, your relatives and even from your friends. And actually they are not wrong. But the reason they think it’s a bad emotion because they saw on it’s bad side in their life. They never saw it’s good side which can be used as power of creation.

I’ve always been a jealous person. And as an entrepreneur, this emotion gets enhanced in me somehow. I’ve always been jealous from other entrepreneurs for their success. But there comes a time, when this ‘jealousy’ which people calls a ‘bad emotion’, helped me a lot.  Actually somehow jealousy brings out the best in people like it did in my case. But how does it happen?

There are some factors which helps you to see the good side of jealousy and even helps you to use it, to improve yourself and be better. Here are these factors:

‘Reveals Possibilities’

Knowing what you want to do in life is very good. But for those who doesn’t know what they want from life, they should use jealousy for their own advantage. When you see a person further along in your industry, you see the possibilities for you to achieve what he has achieved and it” definitely help you to get succeed.

‘Helps you make more connections’

When you see someone who has done what you want to do or has what you want, you should connect with her/him. In my case, when I see someone to do something new and successful, I try to make connection with them. And they really helped me a lot in various ways.

‘Enhance Curiosity’

When you feel envious of someone, just try to convert it into curiosity. If you are not able to ask them how they get their success, just google it and you’ll find a lot more than their reasons for success. Like what are their strategies, what are their learning schedule, where did they work before, etc. I am sure you’ll get more people along the way who also want to get where you want to be. Get tips from them and chase your dreams more efficiently.


So these are ways which shows how we can use ‘jealousy’ as power to create and learn something new, rather than turning it into a bad emotion which I am sure, no one likes.

Others are only medium, road to your success go through you.


6 thoughts on “The Creative Power Of Jealousy (2 min read)

  1. I read an interesting book recently called ‘How to think like an artist’. In there it talk about how artists are inspired by other artists that they are jealous of. So I don’t think jealously is a bad thing, it can drive us to be better.

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