4 Most Profitable Small Businesses For Beginners (2 min read)


Business! The word itself provides positive vibes and a whole lot of imagination to make money. Doesn’t it? Yes, it surely does. As we already know, world is facing a cut throat competition in every field. When it comes to fresh graduates, they always wonder what to do after completing their graduation. They mostly have two options, a job or a business.

Well, both of these have their own advantages and limitations. While job is safe, business is very risky. Meanwhile a job only provides you a limited income every month, a business can provide you an unlimited income if you work hard enough.

For those youngsters who are looking forward to start a business after completing their studies, there are some business options for them. Today, even salary earners are finding a way to start their own business and investments so that they can be their own boss. The world is full of small business one can invest on provided you are willing to work hard.

The sole purpose of this article is to reveal some vibrant and small businesses that you can start after your academic study completion or may be at any point of time in your life. Time doesn’t matter, willingness to work hard matters. So, there are some small profitable business listed below:

‘Photography Business’

Evolution in technology brought you an expendable opportunity. Today digital cameras have made the photography business a lot easier. With an initial investment of just $100, you can buy a decent digital camera which can click at least 20,000 shots in its life time. You can take snaps for various events like celebs party, some fundraisers or you can click snaps for some special purpose like travel and tourism. Then you can edit those snaps with your home PC and print them. Now all you have to do, is to sold them to various interested parties or even some websites and make a handful of cash.

‘Tutoring Business’

Every parent provides a good education to his child. Good education brings opportunities for tutoring business. If your concepts are clear and you have some experience in teaching, then you go for this business. Many students are there who needs your expertise. Provide them your expertise in person. Even you can tutor students with help of online media i.e. webcam, satellite classes etc. You can earn easily $50 to $100 per hour in this business.

‘Freelance Writing Business’

This is my personal favorite business. Because it provides a highly flexible way of earning. You can choose your own time, your own place to start this business. There are companies out there who needs freelancers to do a lot of work for them. Most of it is related to content writing and blogging. This business is not for everyone, but for learned and creative people. You can make clients as many as you want and you can earn a huge amount daily or weekly basis. But working hard is ‘must’.

‘Youtube Business’

Youtube has become a popular medium of business. If you’re good at something, all you have to is to shoot your video at something you’re good at and upload them at youtube which absolutely free by the way. You can upload videos on anything and everything provided it is not vulgar. You can review mobile phones, laptops, making prank videos, making tutorial about academical subjects, some speaking course or even make some reaction videos (this one not so cool by the way). Youtube pays you on ‘per view’ basis on your videos and you can even earn by taking some sponsorship.


That’s all for now, there are other business as well but these are the most trendy and ‘hot’ ones.

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2 thoughts on “4 Most Profitable Small Businesses For Beginners (2 min read)

  1. Thanks for this article. I am working on some short videos. I do stage drama my church. So I want to go beyond my church. This is more like a reminder.

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