Short Cut To Success? Don’t Even Think About It (2 min read)

                          “Success is a journey, not a destination”


Everyone loves short cuts in life. Don’t we? Of course, we want short cuts in everything right from cradle till the grave. But in reality some short cuts works, some do not. When it comes to success, I am very disappointed to tell you that, ‘There’s no short cut to success, and there will never be one’. In reality, shortcuts usually lead to disappointments rather than quicker success. The ideal way to reach success is to move slowly further up the ladder of success. Taking short cuts means skipping a step of ladder results in falling on the ground.

Believe me if you take short cuts to success under influence of a fake person, I guarantee you that you’ll never achieve success in the long term. May be you will be able to achieve it in short term, but never in the long term. In fact taking short cuts have some consequences which I am listing below:

‘You can loose you present worth’

Instead of success, you may loose your present worth as well by taking some so called short cuts to success. You can’t get more from life from doing way less. It’s highly illogical as well. It’s actually a waste of time to even think about taking short cut to success. Taking short cuts means you want to attain success without passionate investment in mind, body and soul. And even if you try that, you always have a risk of loosing your present worth as well.

‘Taking short cuts means you’re weak’

Taking short cuts is the sign of weakness. Only those people take short cuts, who already gave up, who don’t want to do hard work, who already failed in life. Even considering short cuts means you’re mentally weak. If you really thought you could realize your dreams, you wouldn’t be tempted by the thought of taking shortcuts. So just quit taking short cuts and start working hard.

So if you really want to achieve success, then you must give up this idea of short cuts and quit those activities that waste your time. Dream big, Work hard, Live with dignity.


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