5 Ways To Boost Your Decision Making Skills Eventually


Earlier in my post, I told you about the importance of Decision Making. Why is it important to take the right decision at the right time? Now I am gonna talk about some ways to boost your decision making abilities. All of the things I am about to explain has a great impact on your decision making skills, so read soundly.

‘Decide logically, not emotionally’

The first tip I have for you is  to think logically, not emotionally while taking a decision. Some times we take hasty decisions by being caught up in some emotions of ours like anger, sadness or even happiness. Emotions are impulses which forces us to do what comes first in our mind. So be very careful when you’re emotionally unstable, even withdraw yourself from taking any important decision at that time.

‘Decide what’s at stake’

Decisions must be based on the weight it has to carry on it’s shoulders. There are some decisions which involves investment in a Million dollar company and there are decisions which involves What shoes I have to wear today. There’s a much difference in both situations. That’s why there must be a huge difference in What you’re thinking and what factors you’re considering while taking a decision. So, decide the worth of your decision first and then take that decision.

‘Use Intuition’

Intuition means your sub conscious mind is working for you in background. Sometimes you have to take some decision very fast and you don’t have time to think about all the factors logically, so all you have to do is to use your Intuition to make that decision for yourself. Intuition in this case means something comes up in your mind and you’re pretty sure about it’s success, so you just make it your decision.

‘Always take second opinion’

Second opinion mostly means taking the opinion of an expert or some trustworthy friend of yours. If something valuable is at stake, then taking a second opinion can prove to be a Boon for you. Sometimes you considers a decision by thinking with all your logic but still you’re not sure about it’s implementation. In this case taking a second opinion really helps you to take that decision correctly. Two minds are better than one by the way.

‘Learn from your mistakes’

Repeating your mistakes again and again is a ‘Sin’. If you have to take a decision presently and you took same decision in your past and somehow in the same situation that proved to be a disaster for you, then you must not take same type of decision in your present condition. We all make poor decision at some point in our life, but it doesn’t mean that we have to repeat them again and again by thinking that,” May be it should work this time”. So stop repeating and take decision by thinking with all your sound capacity.



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