Decision Making: The Corner Stone For Success? (2 min read)


Decision Making is indeed the corner stone for success. First, let me tell you the meaning of ‘Corner Stone’. Well, it is the stone set in a corner of a building on the basis of which all the stones are placed. So basically, Decision Making is that stone around which all your life activities revolves. So it must be pretty accurate and effective at the same time.

The decision we take, determine the outcome of our lives. Our life is shaped by the choices we make on daily basis. Decision making is not a ‘one time’ process, it’s actually a never ending process. You are the one who chooses how to live, and it’s your duty to create your life’s path. So taking decisions which will take your life in a direction you desire, is very important.

Often we take decisions without not much thinking and then regret those decisions deeply. A hasty decision could lead your life in the bottom of a dark pit, from which you may never recover. So, its best you think clearly enough while taking a decision regarding your personal, professional or social life but try not to take too much time. Delay in right decision can prove it, to be a wrong decision. So just think through, and take the first step to decision making. Your every thought counts in your life. That’s why just don’t forget to make it long lasting.

Success comes to those who take right decision at the right time while working hard enough towards their dreams. Riches follows success. So technically speaking, If you want to be rich, then you must really good at decision making.

How to make decision making effective and fast?

I’ll tell you about it in my next post. So keep reading and keep learning.

“Success and failure are not overnight experiences. It’s the small decisions along the way that cause people to fail or succeed.” Anthony Robbins


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