How To Have Childish Fun When You Are An Adult? (2 min read)


Adulthood sounds exciting, doesn’t it? But it comes with a sure shot thing called ‘stress’ which you rarely felt when you were a child. Adulthood brings a lot of responsibilities either social, personal or professional. These responsibilities carries ‘anxiety’ with them. And you have to face a lot of difficulties when you enter in adulthood. So, basically being an adult is not as easy as it looks.

Now the question is How to have some fun when you’re an adult? But here, we are talking about some childish and careless fun which brings happiness to your heart. Going to parties and all, looks fancy or fun at the outside but they are not always fun. Plus they don’t bring that much happiness to your heart. So, I am listing some activities you can try to feel your childish days once again, and may be they’ll bring happiness which you’re missing in your life. Here they are:


Racing is always fun either you’re a child or an adult. If you’re a professional, you can  race  your colleagues on the way to bathroom to get to your favorite stall first. You can always race with your pet while going for a walk. Racing activates the competitive spirit in your body and also proves to be a healthy exercise.


I laugh as hard as I can when I prank people. Playing harmless and funny pranks on other people is really an interesting way to feel childhood again. It’s also fun to terrify people but you have to be careful while playing pranks on others because it sometimes involves health concerns. You don’t want people to have heart attacks while you play pranks on them. So be careful and have fun with this one.

‘Bathroom Singing’

Well it’s a word basically used for careless and fun singing. Actually you don’t have to be in a bathroom to be a bathroom singer. You can sing anywhere with any level of madness because the center idea of this activity to be a child once again. So you don’t have to be a professional singer.

‘Video Games’

In modern world, the video games are more advanced with great graphics and user experience. Video games is fun for everyone irrespective of their age. It can bring your childhood back once again. So, invite some friends to your place and start gaming. It’ll be fun, I assure you.


Professionally, painting is not for everyone, but when I talk about fun, Painting can really be a good way to have some decent fun. Paint anything you like, anywhere you like. I am sure it’ll bring your childhood memories back and you’ll be happy.

That’s it my fellow readers. Tell me in comment section, What do you do when you try to have some fun?



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