Is There Any Importance Of ‘Obsession’? (1 min read)


Obsession can be defined as an extreme inclination towards something or someone. This inclination can be related to your passion, profession, love, hatred and even anger. Obsession generally considers a criticism. But when it comes to your passion, I believe it’s very crucial for success in the work you’re passionate about. Yes! I believe the obsession is very important for your own good.

I personally believe that, ‘To get most of your life, you must be obsessed with what you love the most’. Actually the people you admire today, they are also obsessed with what they do. Success is a product of hard work and luck they say. But they never say that hard work is not at all effective if it hasn’t mixed with obsession. People who gain riches will stay up for days, won’t meet with their friends often, won’t eat much but will sustain themselves purely on what they love.

Your obsession for something you love makes you different from everyone else. It stands you out from the crowd. Even I have an obsession. Obsession to write, to help others, to provide value to those in need. I don’t care about the time but whenever a thought comes in my brain, an automatic response triggers in my body which makes me write about that thought. Because I am obsessed with writing, for good.

There must be an obsession in everyone to do what they love most. It doesn’t matter what it is. If it provides value to you or to your society, then its worth doing. Its worth to be obsessed upon. I am not asking you to go mad for something, rather I am asking you to do something you love with madness. I am sure it’ll take you to the success eventually.



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