Self Pity Is Dangerous! But How? Let’s Find Out (2 min read)


Self Pity means feeling sorry for yourself. I am sure everyone has gone through this feeling at some point of their life. And believe me when I say, ‘It’s completely normal and natural’. Actually, self pity shows the human part of ourselves because only a human can feel self pity.

Self pity is the result of something bad happened to you in the past and you punish yourself for that again and again by feeling sorry for yourself constantly. Feeling sorry for yourself is an addictive trap to fall into, also it can be degrading in our recovery and day to day lives. Some people falls into this trap pretty easily knowing there’s no one to harm there but themselves.  There are some dangers or you can say ‘side effects’ of self pity which you must know:

‘Disrupt Your Inner Peace’

Peace is very important to live a healthy life. But when you’re starting to feel sorry for yourself, your inner peace disrupts and you may feel restless all the time. Self pity weakens you from inside because it is you who are destroying your own peace, your mind and body never resist you. It can become pretty dangerous overtime. So you have to let it go.

‘Exert You Towards Pessimism’

Self pity is an open door to pessimism. Pessimism wants all the negativity in life which self pity can provide in abundant. When you feel sorry for yourself, you surrender your ability to think positive and you always sees the negative things happened to you in the past, even you get afraid for the things which can about to happen in future also.


Life is short and there’s no warranty when would it end. So why not live it at your fullest? Self pity is nothing, just a creation of your own mind. There’s a lot of other problems in life which actually matters. If you got stuck at self pity, then imagine how can you solve those ‘enormous’ problems, you can have in your near future. So stop feeling sorry for yourself, instead feel proud of you. Be happy and live your life happily while you still can.



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