The Destroying Power Of ‘Hesitation’


You know very well about the hesitation. If you don’t then let me tell you in brief that it is a high speed breaker on the way to your success. It hinders your abilities to make a fruit out of them. Sometimes you know  solution to a problem but instead of doing it you’d just sit back being unsure about your skills in problem solving and in the meantime some other person come and get that opportunity from you, solve that problem and get all the praise for himself. This is how Hesitation works. But how does it affect your life?

Look around and you’d see a lot of talkers leading the world. They are the boss’s favorites, popular managers, lively presenters and fast risers. Society places a high premium on the ability to talk. Not being comfortable talking to others seriously limits all that you can achieve.

In school, hesitant kid usually participates in fewer activities, they have few friends and teachers don’t usually recognize them as much as they recognize bold kids.

At workplace, every single promotion requires you to talk to more and more people. People who don’t talk, usually don’t go far in their life. So you’d see people with hesitation issues applying for fewer jobs, and even refusing more promotions than more outgoing ones.

Hesitation limits even your career, rather it destroys your career in many ways. It holds you back from pursuing the opportunities and even makes people ignore you. These limitations are something you can’t afford to have in your life. So it’s time you should consider hesitation your enemy and start taking some actions against it. Don’t let it spoil your life. Don’t let it hold you back from the success you deserve, rather fight it. Know your inner strength and use it against hesitation.


No one holds you back in life, but YOU


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