Think Out Of The Box! But How? Is That Fun?

You may probably heard about this statement ‘Think out of the box’ many times over in your life. But some of you always wondered, What does it even mean?

Well, simply speaking it means approaching problems in new, creative ways and finding solutions differently. Now we understand the meaning of this statement, the question now arise is that How can we think out of the box? How can we think in new and creative ways instead of how we normally think? How can we improve our ability to look at things differently from the way we typically looks at things?

Here are some ways to cultivate your ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking skills:

‘Study Different Niche’

When you study or work in a particular niche (industry), your mind thinks and repeats the same logic related to your specific niche only. To expand your mind’s thinking capacity, you must study another niche so that you can understand how can your problems be solved using a whole new problem solving skills. Or you might well find new linkages between your own industry and the new one, linkages that might well be the basis of innovative partnerships in the future.

‘Read A Book In Some Unknown Genre’

Reading is one of the highly brain stimulating activity. But to think out of the box, you must read some books on a completely unfamiliar genre. For example if you mostly read fiction, then you must try mystery & suspense this time. You have to pay attention about the problems, author tries to solve in the book. In this way, you can connect yourself with the author and try to think like him so that you can find the solutions of your similar problems like author’s.

‘Draw/Doodle A Picture’

Drawing/Doodling a picture needs your brain to be at sound level. When you draw a picture, your mind comes out of the ‘fatigue’ state and works like a pro. Sometimes it can reactivate some dormant problems solving skills of yours.

‘Ask A Child For Solution’

This must look like an obvious illogical step but believe me this is not as dumb as it looks. A child have a fresh brain full of ideas, as they don’t know about world’s selfishness and greed. Their mind remains intact until society spoils them. They just know how to express their thinking. Taking an advice from child can leave you with some great ideas you can use to help yourself in finding the solutions of your problems.






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