5 Ways To Manage Your Time When You’re In Your Good 20’s? (2 min read)


Time management is very important in every phase of life. But being in your 20’s is rather special as well as crucial to your life. It’s the time when you have to take most important decisions of your life. These decisions may related to your career, marriage or business. On all these decisions, your whole life depends. So you must understand how to manage your time so that you can efficiently utilize all your time to make your life successful.

There are some ways which can be more than helpful to manage your time when you’re in your 20’s:

‘Set Daily Goals’

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you must do is to think about your goals for the ‘day’. They need not to be major, but good enough to be accomplished by you within a day. For example, your daily task may include reading a novel, writing some posts on your blog/website, help your mother in cleaning, etc. The point is that you have to learn something new each day.

‘Block All Social Media During Work Time’

Social media can be helpful as much as it can be detrimental to your life. There’s nothing which procrastinates more than social media. One second you’re on your ex’s profile, another second you’ll be on your crush’s profile. It creates a huge distraction in your life. So try to avoid it at least during your work time/study time. The time spent on social media is the time you never get back and wasted for nothing productive.

‘Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination means delaying your work for some time or some day or even some months. Now you have no reason to wonder why it helps so much to kill your time for nothing. Procrastination is a huge barrier to your success. It suppress your abilities to gain the great achievements you deserve in your life.

‘Delegate/Outsource Your Work’

Delegation means passing your work to some other person while accountability remains with you. This process allows you to work less and it’ll help you to lead people. It also greatly helps your problem solving skills. So in your 20’s this is something you must learn and implement.

‘Prioritize Your Work’

Prioritizing your work can greatly helps you to manage your time by eliminating the unproductive or useless work from your schedule. Compare the items on schedule and start writing them off according to their relevance. At this age of your life, believe me you don’t want to waste any single second of yours.


That’s all guys. Tell me in the comment section what do you do to manage your time if you’re in good 20’s?


4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Manage Your Time When You’re In Your Good 20’s? (2 min read)

  1. Well, I’m 23 now, and I’m in the point of my life wherein I enjoy whatever comes along. I’m planning to study and start a business, but I deferred it at some future time. Not that I am procrastinating or anything. I am trying to plot my plans in a timeline, where to put what, which should come first, what should come next. I’m enjoying my life right now to explore the things that I really want to do. It’s easy to say “I want to do this, I want to do that,” but it’s hard to do things half-heartedly. I’m still sorting my thoughts and I want to do things when I’m already sure in myself that I really want to do those things. Although of course, if one can start as early as possible, and if you’re already sure on what to do in life, then why not?

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