Detrimental Effects Of Being ‘Egotistical’ (1 min read)


Having an ego is good thing, but the bad things starts when you would turn yourself into being ‘egotistical’. There’s a difference between having a healthy ego, which everyone must have, and being egotistical. The latter does more harm to your personality than anger itself. Once you cross the line to egotistical – it can be detrimental to your performance. I am gonna talk about this ‘Negative ego’ in this article.

Being egotistical or having a negative ego is part of us that creates a sense of separation between ourselves and others. This sense of separation can be detrimental even to your personal relationships. Now the question is Why and How this feeling develop within us?

Actually negative ego is connected to some ‘things’ which we have or we doesn’t have. When you earned something of value for yourself like some huge amount of money, then some negative emotions develop within your mind automatically named ‘arrogance’ which pushes you to think very least of other people. In short, you think you have achieved something great and now you’ll use that achievement of yours to humiliate or think very least of your peers. Their importance in your life is not so ‘important’ now. This affects your relationship with your peers, friends and even with your close relatives.

There are some side effects of being egotistical which I am listing below:

  1. First of all, as I said above, being egotistical affects your relationship with others. You’ll think very least of them and even they would notice this thing and leave your company for good.
  2. You’ll develop an alter ego for yourself which means you’ll be transformed in a complete different person (if not at least others will see you like some other person).
  3. You’ll think yourself superior to others. And eventually you’ll try to dominate them as well, which is not good by the way.
  4. Being egotistical degrades your learning abilities as well. You’ll not try to learn things the way you did before.

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