Self Sabotaging — Why Do We Get In Our Own Way? (1 min read)


Self-sabotaging! But what is it anyway ? Self sabotaging is a combination of negative feelings and destructive behavior of our own as result of low self-esteem and lack of self confidence, creating huge barriers to your success. When you consciously try to get something but subconsciously make sure you don’t get what you wants, that means you’re self sabotaging yourself.

Now the question is Why do we self-sabotage ourselves? There are some reasons to it which I listed below:

‘Took It From Society’

Sometimes self sabotaging is the result of our own society or even from our loved ones. Suppose if our parents saw us lazy, then we may be grow up lazy and ineffective. There will be a ‘thinking’ in our mind which will not let us work even if we wanted to. Why? Because we know somewhere that if we do some work, it’ll turn up ineffective( because our parents saw us like this), so why bother doing it.

‘Some Bad Experience’

You may get your self sabotaging behavior from some previous ‘not so good’ experience of yours. Some events turns our life upside down and they change us in ways which we never imagined. May be in some point of your life, something happened which hampered your self confidence, now you’ll be afraid to do something new or something bold because you feel now you’re doomed to fail at whatever you try.

‘Resistance To Change’

People resists change. This may sometimes lead to self-sabotaging. Change is a part of our life, some people accept it and some rejects it. But those who rejects it, may develop some negativity in their mind towards change which leads to sabotaging the benefits they could gain from that change. They just saw the negative side of change, they never bother to see it’s bright side.

Self sabotaging hampers your own personal growth, its like a bacteria which infects your abilities to perform well. It must be controlled before it can cause permanent damage to your personality.




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