The Power Of A ‘Title’ In Blogging (1 min read)



Whenever you search something on Internet you get thousands of results. But you don’t read all of them. Even you don’t read a few of them. All you do is to select 2-3 search results and open them, to get your required information. But how do you narrow you search just to 2-3 search posts? Simple you just see the title of the post, and if it’s catchy enough, you just open the link and read it wholeheartedly.

The title of some information decides its ‘to be read’ destiny. The title is the only thing which comes in your first impression whenever you try to search something on the internet. As far as blogging is concerned, a post title plays very crucial role determining the number of views on a particular blog/post. People don’t have much time to judge your content by reading it all the way, they just decide to read or not to read your post by reading Title of your posts.

When you start your first blog/website, you work hard to create content which can provide some value to your readers. By doing a lot of hard work, you create your first post and you publish it imagining a lot of people would come to view your writings. But to your surprise, you don’t get a single view. Then you try to find the problem in your content or may be in your tags, but the problem lies somewhere else. It’s your post’s TITLE.

You must write some catchy title so that people can’t help themselves but to read your post,out of curiosity. Curiosity is a very powerful tool you can use, to make your blog/website a success. You should use people’s curiosity to persuade them reading your posts. All you have to do is, ย provide a catchy title along with some useful content and some logical tags in your posts and I am more than sure that people will visit your profile very often. Give them a first reason to visit your blog, then they will always come to learn something from your blog if they find your blog’s content valuable for them.

This world we lives in, has a rule “that which is seen is sold”. So make sure to provide a good cover to your post, to come in people’s eyes.


12 thoughts on “The Power Of A ‘Title’ In Blogging (1 min read)

  1. Yes, this is what I am struggling with. Sometimes, you can have an idea for a blog topic, but you just cannot find that ‘catchy title.’ You just have to wait until you do. The worse feeling is to write something that no need reads.

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    1. Well you can use some title making application if you want. Buy my advice would be : true to your content, write what you understands and be yourself. People will come around sooner or later.


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